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Solutions for Unique Real Estate Financing Situations

Unique real estate financing situations can involve people from other countries or US residents. These situations are about getting a loan without having any credit or tax records. Our lending is based on equity.

Traditionally, it is hard to imagine that somebody can get a reasonable, good loan without having any documentation in this country. However, we are all about loan-to-value and common sense. Certainly, we like to have a little background on who we are lending to. Above all, our lending is based on equity.


Common Sense Lending - Hard money is not hard

Hard money is not hard, mainly because it's a loan that's easy to get and the rates aren't as expensive as people often think they will be. Depending on the situation, we can get rates from 4.875% to 9%. 

What we mean by common sense is we are simply looking at who we are lending to, and we are much less focused on credit and income. Credit histories can have issues and there can be good reasons why the credit is bad. Most of our clients are self-employed, and it is harder for them to show income. That is one of the main reasons people can't get traditional loans.

Borrowers may also come from another country and are therefore lacking the ability to show income history. We look at the overall picture of who we are lending to and what type of property we are financing. Loan-to-value is the key to all our loans.


Speed is of the Essence and So is Thinking Out-Of-The Box

Everybody can get caught in a situation where traditional loans are hard to get. That is why borrowers come to private, or hard money lending. We are usually the last resort and often borrowers don't have much time. 

The beauty is that these borrowers can get financing when common sense is applied. If there's plenty of equity, it's merely about getting the documentation to close the loan. Nothing more than that. That's why we can close loans in as little as three days.

We want to be your San Diego hard money lender.  Questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions or FAQs.

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Hard Money is Not Hard

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


Residential Investment

“My goal was to not use any of my cash in this transaction. I wasn't sure whether it was possible. But thanks to your creative thinking, I was able to buy the investment property without having to bring in my own money.”


Owner Occupied

“Every lender I talked to, had no interest in doing an owner-occupied loan because of the laws that are in place in this sector. RanchoTed was the only one who had no issues getting this done. Not only did he get it done,  he got it done right. That was beyond belief.”


Commercial Property

"I first went to a commercial lender to refinance a loan that was coming due. The process was taking too long, and the difficulty and hassles were unbelievable. I no longer had time to get the loan with this lender because my other loan was coming due. Going with RanchoTed was a much easier way to get my commercial property refinanced."


Construction & Land

"The price of the construction loan I got was critical to making my project even viable. Thanks to Ted, my project was profitable because the price for his construction loan and the loan-to-value he required was so reasonable."


Flipping Property

"One of my challenges is having enough money of my own available to do flips. Thanks to getting a loan from Ted, I was able to do more flips at the same time. Without him and his common sense lending, I couldn't have done that. Also, the high loan-to-value and the low rate he gave me made my project more profitable."