Private money lending is an art.

The founder of ranchoted, Ted Przybylek, is a well-rounded, highly experienced financial specialist and a private money lending expert. ranchoted stands for genuinely helping people with their real estate financing needs, assisting them through whatever situation they are in.

With 30+ years in the lending industry, Ted has assisted buyers and sellers with all types of real estate loans. Having been a conventional lender for 17 years, Ted became frustrated with how many borrowers were turned down by banks even though these loans would have been safe to underwrite. In order to help people through these situations he turned to hard money lending options, using common sense underwriting. Ted’s philosophy is to make it easy. His motto is “Hard money is not hard.”

Ted’s great private money lending reputation has led to repeat customers, referrals and a network of investor relationships.

Ted is a well-known figure in the San Diego County area:

  • Since his days of running the fresh pasta company "San Diego Pasta Co." with Little Italy Association member Marco Li Mandri, Ted continues to be an active individual in the Little Italy community.
  • Ted has been actively involved in the San Diego soccer community since 1991. As certified A-License Coach with the United States Soccer Federation, he has served as an assistant coach in the Men’s Soccer program at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), winning two National Titles. He also has coached youth soccer at the renowned Nomads Soccer Club.
  • Through coaching, he built strong relationships with people like Manny da Rosa, a leader in the San Diego Portuguese community. Embracing this amazing community, Ted supports the Annual Crab Festa and other events.
  • Ted belongs to numerous professional networks in the San Diego community.
  • Ted loves the wildlife on his 20-acre ranch in Alpine, CA. The ranch inspired the name of the Ted's company, ranchoted.

We invite you to work with the private money lending experts at ranchoted.

Ted Przybylek
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Hard Money is Not Hard

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