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What is a Hard Money Lender?

What is a Hard Money Lender? As the name suggests, a hard money lender is a non-traditional lender that gives consumers an alternative choice to access funds when the traditional sources like banks make it hard or difficult for them to get approved for ordinary loans. Simply put, hard money lending is a way to […]

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What is Hard Money?

What is hard money? This is a frequent question for many borrowers who are locked out of traditional real estate financing. “Hard” is one of the last things anyone expects to hear as a description of money. Upon further analysis, the term hard money is actually apt because money doesn’t grow on trees and can […]

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What is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans have become increasingly common over the past few years. Despite this rise in popularity, many people don’t know what they are or how they can take advantage of them. Those that are familiar with the term may also not realize the full extent of their potential. This lack of understanding includes the […]

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