At ranchoted we get it that finding the right real estate loan can be tough. We are here to serve clients who do not fit into the conventional real estate financing "box." We are real live human beings.  Give us a call or leave us a message here.

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Solutions for Special Property Financing Situations

Unique real estate funding circumstances can often produce great opportunities. These scenarios have to do with getting financed without having any type of credit report or tax documents. Our financing is based on equity.

Generally, it is hard to envision that somebody can obtain practical, lending without having any type of paperwork. Nevertheless, we are all about loan-to-value and good sense. Most of all, our financing is based on equity.

Common sense loans - Hard money is not hard.

Hard money is not hard, depending upon the situation, we can get rates from 4.875% to 9%.

What we imply by common sense is we are merely checking out who we are offering to. We are much less focused on credit history and also revenue. A credit report can have issues as well as there can be excellent reasons why the credit report is low. A lot of our clients are independent, and also it is harder for them to reveal earnings. That is the primary reason people can not obtain standard finances.

Debtors may also originate from a different nation and also are, as a result, cannot reveal income history. We consider the general picture we are lending to and what sort of residential property we are funding. The Loan-to-value ratio is key to all our loans.

Speed is essential

Everyone can be caught in a circumstance where conventional finances are difficult to obtain. That is why debtors consider hard money borrowing.

The beauty is that these consumers can get financing when common sense is used. If there's a lot of equity, it's merely getting the paperwork done to close the loan. It is as simple as that. That is why we can close loans in as little as three or four days.