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Hard Money American Dream

The American Dream is Still Alive – A Reflection On 2020

As the year 2020 draws to a close, it is a great time to reflect. Of course, none of us saw this pandemic coming or had any clue how it might change our lives. Nonetheless, American entrepreneurs don’t give up. Entrepreneurs stand up after a fall, dust himself/herself off, and get at it again. That […]

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Real Estate Lessons Learned

A recent deal RanchoTed funded in Spring Valley teaches two important lessons. A man wanted to sell his house in Spring Valley and buy another property in Utah. However, in the sales process he found out that his Spring Valley house had a cracked slab. The crack was not bad. Nonetheless, the cracked slab scared […]

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Eliminating contingencies with hard money

Eliminating Contingencies with Hard Money

Surely, you or one of your clients have been in this situation: You unexpectedly find a property that you think is perfect. It is one of a kind, and you really want it. But there is no way you can buy that property unless you sell your current property first. Furthermore, there is no way […]

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hard money line of credit

Hard Money Line Of Credit: Who Knew There Was Such Thing?

Everyone has heard about equity lines from a regular bank. As with most bank loans these equity lines require that the borrower qualifies which includes having good credit. Some people, and especially, business owners, often do not qualify for these kinds of loans. This is because they cannot show their income clearly enough or their […]

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creating a family legacy

Creating A Family Legacy – Hard Money San Diego Loan

The situation: A man and his wife owned two properties in San Diego County, one in North Park and one in El Cajon. The property in North Park was worth 750k. There was a lien in the amount of $250k on this property. The owner wanted to get started creating a family legacy. They had […]

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Flip To The Beach

Flip To The Beach: Hard Money San Diego Loan

The Situation: Why a Flip to the beach made sense A man in his late forties owned a condo inland in San Diego County. This condo was worth $900,000. He owned it free and clear. He was renting the property, producing rental income. Let’s call the inland property “Property A”. He found an opportunity to […]

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